I’m a little bit fascist when it comes to a BLT. The rest of this blog might lull you into a safe sense of flexibility and can-do-no-wrong in the kitchen, but not so with the BLT. I feel convicted specificity with every single component that belongs in the mighty BLT. My brother has his own long-established and heartfelt opinions on this sandwich, so let this be BLT Episode 1.

To follow form, I’ve included an ingredient list that may be mildly offensive to your intellect.


  • Bread
  • Bacon
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise

But I’ve said I’m a BLT fascist and obviously the above isn’t tyrannical enough. So here’s the real ingredients list.

Real Ingredients:

  • Bread: Wonderbread.
  • Bacon: thick-cut bacon is the only way to go with a BLT. Not peppered, not maple, nothing too weird. Applewood smoked is a-ok. Just thick-cut.
  • Tomato: BLTs are a summer sandwich. You need summer tomatoes. Don’t have to be heirloom but definitely cannot be mealy. Choose wisely.
  • Lettuce: Romaine. No iceberg, no salad mix, nothing but romaine.
  • Mayonnaise: Hellman’s/Best Foods.


I like baking the bacon. It’s less work/mess and the texture is great. I learned this from my brother. I cook the bacon 10-15 minutes per side on foiled lined baking sheets in an oven set to 400 – cook to your preferred level of doneness.

Slice tomatoes, not too thin not too thick. I like a good 1/4″ tomato in my BLTs. Rinse and dry some romaine leaves.

Toast the wonder bread (*on both sides* if toasting in a broiler like I do) till golden.

Now, when you put it all together…I like a healthy amount of mayo but this is the one place where I understand my way isn’t the only way. Slather some mayo on there, add your tomato and lettuce.

Like a true artiste, I use a lattice method to assemble my bacon for maximum coverage AND durability while eating.

Put that glorious thing together and you’ve got a BLT.

Eat in a sunny beautiful place with people you love and everything will be ok. It’s also ok if you eat 2.

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