Texas Margarita

When I started dating a Texan, I learned a lot of things about the nation of Texas. Maybe these are things you all knew already, but as an East Coast Yankee with California roots…these things were news to me: Tex-Mex is its own cuisine, and does not just mean Mexican food prepared in Texas. Queso is made with velveeta and if you get fancy with a bechamel you can take a hike. And finally, margaritas should only be served one way: frozen.

Now I’ve gone ahead and married that Texan, so I’ve embraced these truths whole-heartedly. When it comes to the frozen margarita, they are on to something folks. Even better, they have a pretty dang easy to remember recipe. All of the below is learned from and courtesy of my husband.


  • 1 can frozen limeaid
  • Triple Sec
  • Tequila – the nicer the better, but don’t sweat it.
  • Ice
  • Reliable blender
  • Optional: salt, fresh lime, mezcal


We like to mix the margaritas in a pitcher and then make the margs in batches, keeping the leftover mix in the freezer so it stays slushy and thus requires less ice in the blender. Even better, if you aren’t in a rush to make the first batch (when does that EVER happen!?!) you can put the whole pitcher in the freezer for awhile first….the goal here is to keep the mix strong and potent 🙂

Dump the can of frozen limeaid into a pitcher, and then fill the can with triple sec and dump that in, and then fill the can with tequila and dump that in. THAT’S IT! I dare you to try and forget or mess up those ratios.

Fill a blender 1/3 or 1/2 full of ice (depending on how slushy your pitcher of margaritas are), and add the margarita mix to roughly the same volume. Go ahead and blend that sucker till the ice is completely crushed and smooth, and the margarita has a consistency of those slurpees we used to get at 7/11 as kids.

This part requires a bit of trial and error, if it’s too thick, add a little more mix. If it’s too watery, add a little more ice.

Whether you salt the rim of your glass or not is personal preference. If you’re feeling like a little more pep in your margarita step, top it off with a little mezcal floater.



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