Welcome to our food adventures and misadventures. The origin story of this site is a brother and a sister who live 3,000 miles apart and both enjoy spending too much time thinking about food, looking at food, and occasionally knocking food out of the park. We spent so much time texting each other about food that it finally seemed time to get serious……and by serious, we mean: casual, unaccountable, obscure, bloggers.

Is that Salmon? Or Papaya?

“Is that Salmon or Papaya?” was born from the picture featured here. You can look forward to many more pictures of this exact quality and appetizing nature. You be the judge: was that salmon or papaya?

The purpose of this blog is to share some of our best culinary successes, our judgmental amateur opinions about whatever we damn well please, and to record our perpetually unsatisfactory but persistent attempts to recreate our dad’s signature broiled salmon and roast potatoes.

Only one caveat: we don’t excel at consistency, following directions, or being exact. And even if we did, that’s not where the joy in all of this comes from for us. So, while we attempt to provide some less-than-professional recipes for you to enjoy, we hope you’ll rely upon and revel in the same laissez-faire attitude to whatever brilliant creations you make. Happy reading, but mostly happy eating.